Testing, Analysing, and Observing Event-driven Software

AutoQUEST traces events, such as user interactions and remote method invocations, on a software. Based on this, it supports usage and usability analysis as well as usage-based test case generation and execution.

AutoQUEST's architecture provides platform independent core modules and tools for usage and usability analysis as well as usage-based test-case generation.

AutoQUEST can be extended to support a variety of platforms. Currently Java, MFC, PHP, and HTML based GUI applications as well as HTTP based service communication can be observed and analysed. In addition, another plugin allows the handling of generic events, e.g., to support Virtual and Augmented Reality applications. Testing is supported for MFC.

AutoQUEST is a workbench providing a set of tools for post processing and analysing traces, i.e., sequences of recorded events. Further tools can be added for, e.g., supporting further platforms or analyses.

AutoQUEST is an open source software developed in the context of a research project. Its source code and binary distributions can be downloaded in our download area.

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